Teacher Gift: Name Pencils with Garden Stakes and the Cricut

Are you looking for a teacher gift you can make with your Cricut? Whether it is for back-to-school or an end of year teacher gift, you can make these adorable pencil name signs from garden stakes and your Cricut.

Teacher Gift: Make Name Pencils with Garden Stakes and your Cricut

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I just think these garden stakes turned pencils are adorable! Our teachers definitely deserve all the love and appreciation we can give them. These are easy to make, but you will need time to allow the paint to dry between coats. Let's get started!


How to Make A Name Pencil with Garden Stakes and the Cricut

You can find garden stakes at any home improvement store like Home Depot or Lowe's. They come in bundles or you can buy them individually. They are super cheap, so grab a few extra because once your friends see them they will want you to make them some too!

Sand, Sand and Sand Some More

The stakes I had were pretty rough, so I started out sanding with a more coarse sandpaper. I just grabbed what my husband had laying around in the garage. There's no magic type of sandpaper, you just want to be able to smooth out all of the rough spots.

After sanding with the coarse sandpaper, I finished up with a fine grit sandpaper. Make sure to wipe all of the dust away before you head to the next step.

Divide Areas to Paint with Painter's Tape

Use the painter's tape to mark off the section between what will be the eraser and the rest of the pencil. The spot underneath the painter's tape will be painted grey in another step. Wrap the tape all the way around since we will be painting all the sides. 

Towards the pointed tip you also need to use the painter's tape to create the edge of the pencil tip. I just eyeballed what I thought would look right. You also want to use a piece of tape to be the edge where the yellow stops. I lined the back edge of the tape up where it started to taper into the point.

Make sure the tape is pressed down firmly all around to keep paint from bleeding and ruining your crisp lines.

Paint in Layers

Next, paint the eraser area pink, the pencil area yellow and the lead point black. Paint thin coats allowing it to dry before adding more. I added several coats to get the saturated look I wanted. Once the front and sides were dry, I also painted the back of the pencil.

Remove and Reapply Tape

Once you have painted as many layers as you want, go ahead an pull off the painter's tape. The last part we need to tape off is the area where the painter's tape was covering near the eraser. Line up one piece with the edge of the eraser area and one piece with the edge of the yellow paint. You should only be able to see the raw wood area.

Paint the area under the eraser the Zinc color. Add as many coats as you need and peel the tape once you are done.

How to Make Name Pencil with Garden Stakes and Your Cricut. An adorable teacher gift using Cricut and vinyl.

Seal the Painted Pencil

After all of the paint has dried, seal it with a sealer or modpodge. This will help the vinyl stick to the wood and not peel up any paint as we transfer the vinyl letters. 

I had leftover polyurethane sealer from when I painted my tumbler so that is what I used. I sprayed a few layers and let it dry. MAKE SURE IT IS DRY!!!

Design and Cut Vinyl letters

In Design Space I typed out each teacher's name. I made sure it fit in the 1" tall area and that it could be centered within about 7.5" wide. The font I used was a system font called American Typewriter. So many styles of fonts would look cute though!

Once the names are cut, weed away any excess part that is not needed, including the inner parts of the letters.

Transfer Vinyl Names

After weeding, apply the transfer tape and then center the words on the pencil.  Rub well and slowly peel back the transfer tape. Once it is removed make sure to rub the letters to insure they are adhered well.

How to Make Name Pencil with Garden Stakes and Your Cricut. An adorable teacher gift using Cricut and vinyl.

Finishing Touches for the Teacher Gift Name Pencils

I just left my pencils as they are so they can set on the desk or on a shelf. You could add a picture hanger to the back or hot glue some magnets on the back as well. A piece of ribbon wrapped around the grey part under the eraser and tied in a bow would look super cute too!

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Teacher Gift: Name Pencils with Garden Stakes and the Cricut  Adorable tutorial showing how to make a teacher's gift with garden stakes and your Cricut!

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