Teacher Gift Idea: Glittered Pencil Jar

Teacher Gift Idea: Glittered Pencil Jar

if you have been needing a teacher gift idea, i have a fun Cricut teacher Project for you today! A glittered pencil mason jar is a perfect pencil holder or flower vase.

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I am so thankful for the teachers who have helped shape my kiddo over the years! I wish I had the resources to do something more significant, because God knows they deserve it. Until then, hopefully the small gestures of kindness we send will remind them they are appreciated (and that no one else is crazy enough to be in a room with 20+ kids all day everyday.) Seriously.

How to Make A Glittered Mason Jar Teacher Gift with Cricut

For this project, I used regular mouth pint size Ball mason jars. I picked up a pack at Walmart. The one thing you want to pay attention to is that they are smooth sided. These only have a small Ball logo on one side that is small and toward the bottom.

If you are concerned about using glass jars, Michaels carries plastic jars that would work also. The plastic jars have a screw on lid so you would need to buy the Ball jar bands to switch them out.

Materials Needed:

To make this Cricut project you will need:

Decorate the Mason Jar with Glitter and Vinyl

Spray paint the jar lid ring

Unscrew the lid from the mason jar. You only need the ring, not the flat part.

In a well ventilated area, spray paint the ring with the pink spray paint. Make sure to get good coverage on the top and sides. Once it dries, if there are any spots that look thin, just add a second coat.

Once the ring has the coverage you want and is dry, spray with the spray sealer and let dry.

add polycrylic to the Mason Jar

I love using this polycrylic because it is water based. I’m messy and also a kitchen crafter, so anything that cleans up easily is a plus in my book!

I pour mine into a condiment squeeze bottle that I found at Wal-Mart for under a dollar. It makes it easier to get in the jar than trying to pour from the container.

Adding polycrylic while making a glittered teacher pencil jar with the Cricut. #cricut #Cricutprojects #CricutExplore #CricutMaker #CricutIdeas #CricutCrafts #BeginnerCricutProjects #CricutProjectsVinyl #CricutGifts #CricutTeacherGIft #teachergift #teacherappreciationgifts #teacherappredciationgiftideas #teacherappreciationweek #cricutteacherprojects #cricutteachergiftsendofyear

Squirt the polycrylic into the jar until all of the bottom is covered about a half of an inch. Turn the jar on the side and slowly begin to rotate it so that the polycrylic coats the sides. As the sides are covered, begin to turn the jar upside down (while still rotating).

Make sure that every single part of the jar is coated all the way up to the top edge. If it isn’t, add more and repeat the process. You can rest it upside down in a plastic Solo cup, or just hold it over the open container.

glitter and seal the mason jar

Once the extra polycrylic has drained from the jar, pour in the yellow glitter. You can pour it all if you want (you can save the extra that doesn’t stick). Having a good amount of glitter inside makes it easier to get good coverage.

Rotate the jar just like you did when you did the polycrylic. Once all of the sides are covered, hold the jar upside down and pour out the excess glitter. You can use a paper plate or something else flexible (I use freezer paper) to catch the extra glitter.

Bang on the sides a bit with the palm of your hands until glitter isn’t falling out anymore. Set it aside to dry.

Pouring glitter into a glittered teacher pencil jar. #cricut #Cricutprojects #CricutExplore #CricutMaker #CricutIdeas #CricutCrafts #BeginnerCricutProjects #CricutProjectsVinyl #CricutGifts #CricutTeacherGIft #teachergift #teacherappreciationgifts #teacherappredciationgiftideas #teacherappreciationweek #cricutteacherprojects #cricutteachergiftsendofyear

After it dries 15-20 minutes, check to see if the yellow is dark enough. If it is too opaque, you can add an extra layer of glitter.

To add more glitter, head outside and spray the inside of the jar with the spray glue the best you can. Immediately pour glitter in again, rotate the jar to cover the sides, and bang the extra glitter out.

After you are done with the glitter, head out again and spray with the sealer as best you can. It is a little tricky to spray inside the jar but you can do it! It is definitely the easiest and fastest way to seal it in my opinion.

design, cut, and weed vinyl

While the jar is drying, you can go ahead and design and cut your vinyl. In this example I used a free font called So Fontsy.

In the pinterest image above, I also have an example of one made using the Cricut font Four Seasons Home Decor. The "no.2" font is Arial.

I recommend making each word in separate text boxes as you are designing so that you can move each word and nest them if needed. I tried to keep the width around 3", but you will need to adjust the size and placement according to how long the name is.

If you would like the Design Space file with the "no. 2" already sized and the Four Seasons font used for the name, it is available in my free resource library. You can get the password at the bottom of this post, or if you already get the newsletter you can find the password at the bottom of each email.

Applying Vinyl to a glittered teacher pencil jar. #cricut #Cricutprojects #CricutExplore #CricutMaker #CricutIdeas #CricutCrafts #BeginnerCricutProjects #CricutProjectsVinyl #CricutGifts #CricutTeacherGIft #teachergift #teacherappreciationgifts #teacherappredciationgiftideas #teacherappreciationweek #cricutteacherprojects #cricutteachergiftsendofyear

Weed and apply the vinyl to the jar. Since the jar is rounded, cut slits into the transfer tape all around the words to make it easier to apply the vinyl smoothly.

Assemble the jar

Screw on the pink ring and you are ready to fill the jar with flowers, pens, or anything else your teacher will love!

Need a vinyl refresher? Check out our vinyl series below.

A glittered teacher pencil jar is a great teacher gift! #cricut #Cricutprojects #CricutExplore #CricutMaker #CricutIdeas #CricutCrafts #BeginnerCricutProjects #CricutProjectsVinyl   #CricutProjectsDecor  #CricutGifts #CricutTeacherGIft #teachergift #teacherappreciation #teacherappreciationgifts #teacherappredciationgiftideas #teacherappreciationweek #cricutteacherprojects #cricutteachergiftsendofyear

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    A glittered teacher pencil jar is a great teacher gift! #cricut #Cricutprojects #CricutExplore #CricutMaker #CricutIdeas #CricutCrafts #BeginnerCricutProjects #CricutProjectsVinyl   #CricutProjectsDecor  #CricutGifts #CricutTeacherGIft #teachergift #teacherappreciation #teacherappreciationgifts #teacherappredciationgiftideas #teacherappreciationweek #cricutteacherprojects #cricutteachergiftsendofyear
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