First Day of School Chalkboard Sign with Cricut and Vinyl

First Day of School Chalkboard Sign with Cricut and Vinyl

Back to school is the perfect time to break out your Cricut machine and create something meaningful. As precious as this back to school Cricut project is now, in years to come it will be the photo and the memory created that will last. And isn’t that what it is all about?

This First Day of School chalkboard sign that I created with vinyl and my Cricut is something you can use year after year to make your first day of school pictures extra special.

First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop

To make this Cricut project you will need:

How to Make a First Day of School Chalkboard Sign

Step One: Prepare Design in Cricut Design Space

The Cricut Design Space file is in my resource library. You can get the password at the bottom of this post.

The design is sized for the chalkboard from Walmart, so if you are using a different chalkboard, make sure to measure and adjust the sizing accordingly.

This is what the design looks like on the screen:


Add a name to the design

Next, you need to add the name by adding a new text box, typing the name, and selecting the font you want.

Insert name text in Cricut Design Space

Once you have the name in the font you want, adjust the size to fit within the banner. You will also need to curve the text.

Curve text in Design Space

After you have the size of the letters and the general curve, go to ‘Advanced’ and then select ‘ungroup to letters’.

This will change the word from a single image to each letter being an individual letter that can be manipulated separately from the others.

Ungroup text to letters to work with each letter individually

Now select each letter and rotate or move it as needed until you get the name like you want it.

Adjust spacing one letter at a time

Important: once the name is how you want it, select all the letters together and then select ‘attach’ so that when you go to cut, the letters will stay in the same place in relation to each other.

Step Two: Cut Design with Cricut Machine

Cut the design out of vinyl. It should have two mats- one for the sign and one for the name, whichever colors you want for each one.

Step Three: Weed and Complete Project

After you have cut the vinyl, carefully weed away the parts that you don’t need. Pay special attention to the tiny circles. You may need to hold them down with the weeding tool as you pull away the vinyl around it.

Add transfer tape and apply the design to the chalkboard once you have wiped it with alcohol. Finally, transfer the name to the chalkboard as well.

If you make a First Day of School Chalkboard Sign with your Cricut, please share a photo in our Facebook group or email me at I’d love to see your project!

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    First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop

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