How to Paint an Ozark or Yeti Tumbler

Have you jumped on the Ozark/ Yeti bandwagon yet? I purchased the 30 oz Ozark and have been pleasantly surprised that I have been drinking more water everyday. Once I knew I was actually going to keep using it I decided to customize it with a scripture to meditate on. I had a lot of interest on social media for a how-to, so I have put together a tutorial and video for you today. (Looking for just the video? Scroll to the bottom.)

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 12.46.16 PM.png

**Please note: Spray paint is a serious chemical! Besides protecting yourself while creating the cup, DO NOT apply spray paint anywhere your lips may touch! **

How to Paint an Ozark or Yeti Tumbler

Materials Needed:

(linked to Amazon for your convenience)

Paint tumbler
Paint tumbler

Apply Painters Tape

Apply painters tape around the top rim of the cup. This is extremely important if you are selling cups or will ever (even maybe) drink without a straw. I use a straw daily but used the tape just. in. case.

Apply the tape to the bottom ridge of the cup also. Take small pieces and cover the bottom also. This will keep it from getting spray paint gunk on it during the process.

Seal the Lid in a Sandwich Baggie

Sealing the lid in a baggie and placing it back on the cup with keep anything from getting inside the cup and protect the lid at the same time.

Scuff Tumbler with Sandpaper

Take a fine grit sandpaper and gently scuff the tumbler. If you are doing a vinyl decal that is large you may want to wait to do this until after you apply it so there aren't any scuff marks showing through where there isn't paint. My writing was small and it wasn't a concern for me.

Whether you sand now or after the vinyl, make sure you wipe it down with alcohol to remove any residue and oil from your fingers.

Apply Vinyl Decal

Apply your vinyl to the cup. Rub very well and peel off the transfer tape. MAKE SURE IT IS RUBBED WELL! Any spot where the vinyl is not adhered well will allow paint spray to get in and then you be disappointed:(

After applying the vinyl rub the cup down with alcohol again to remove any oils or residues. From this point on don't touch the cup except on the painters tape.

Spray Light Coats of Paint

This is the key! Spray LIGHT coats of paint from a decent distance. If you get too close or add too much it will run and bubble up. (If this happens, let it dry and then sand it just enough to make it smooth. Wipe with alcohol again.)

Start with the dark color on bottom and then add the lighter color to the top. If you are at a good distance the ombré effect will happen easily.

Let dry thoroughly and then add more layers. Repeat the process until the color is as dark as you want it to look.

Remove Vinyl Decal

Once it is thoroughly dried use an exact or weeding tool to carefully take off the vinyl.

Spray with Sealer

Spray the cup with a sealer while the tape is still on. I sprayed a few coats.

Remove Painters Tape

After the sealer has dried remove the painters tape. Wipe the places that had tape down with alcohol.


Now you can show everyone you know how awesome you are by taking your cup everywhere!