How to Make a Photo Frame Menu Board with Cricut Explore

How to Make a Photo Frame Menu Board with Cricut Explore

Okay, so I'll admit that I'm not the most organized person now that I have been working full time again. I used to handle dinner all the time. Now I really need my husband's help, especially the two nights a week I'm not home for dinner at all.

Our weekly routine usually goes like this: I plan the meals for the week and write them on the top of my grocery list. I go grocery shopping and then throw my list away. During the week my husband calls and asks what is for dinner. I have no idea because I can't remember. Every. Single. Week.

It was out of pure necessity that I had to find a way to keep our meals posted so everyone could be on the same page. Of course I couldn't just use a wipe board. It had to be pretty for our new kitchen.  This is how I made a menu board from a photo frame using my Cricut and vinyl.

How to Make a Photo Frame Menu Board with the Cricut and Vinyl

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Choose a Frame for your Menu Board

Any frame you have will do but I chose an 8"x10". I felt like anything bigger would be too large on my counter and anything smaller wouldn't give me enough room to write the meals. I also chose a background paper and cut it down to 8'x10".

Design your Menu

To start designing your menu board open Design Space. I added an 8"x10" rectangle to use as a guide for the placement of my words. I actually had to make it twice because I didn't account for where the frame overlapped the glass a little. The second time I made another rectangle about 1/2" smaller within the first one.

I added each day of the week individually and "What's for" using the Four Seasons font.  I then added "Dinner?' in the Soirée Lettering-Grace Script and welded it together. I inserted a square and unlocked the size so I could stretch it really thin and make a line under "What's for Dinner?".

After everything was the way I wanted it, I selected all and hit "attach" so that they would stay in the same place when I went to cut them.

Want to make this exact one? Here is the link to the Design Space file: Just hide both rectangles I used as guides and hit go.

Cut it Out

I used the green mat and set my dial to vinyl. After it cut I used a ruler and Xacto knife to cut away the rest of the vinyl that I didn't need.

Weed the Design

Because the letters of the days of the week are thin and can easily get messed up I decided to use the reverse weeding method.

The basics of reverse weeding:

  • Instead of pulling up the vinyl around the words leave everything in tact and apply the transfer tape.

  • Turn it over with the vinyl facing down and peel the backing of the vinyl off. You will still have all of the parts of your vinyl, but it is now attached to the transfer tape and the sticky side of the vinyl is facing up.

  • Now you can go ahead and weed the parts you don't need without worrying about your small piece moving or coming up because they are being held by the transfer tape.

Menu board cricut

Menu board cricut

Transfer Vinyl to Glass

After cleaning my glass, I put it back in the frame so I could see exactly where the frame covered the glass. I used it as a guide to apply the vinyl. Once all the vinyl was placed I took the glass back out to make it easier to work with.

Next I rubbed the transfer paper with my Cricut scraper, but you could use a credit card as well. Make sure you rub it really well so the vinyl all sticks.

Menu board with the Cricut

Menu board with the Cricut

I slowly peeled up the transfer paper from the corner. Make sure you go slowly in case any vinyl stays on the transfer paper. If it does just lay the transfer paper back down and rub again. Once you are done, turn it over. From the back you can see any places that aren't adhered well. Rub on those places to get them to adhere better.

Finishing Touches

I added the pretty paper and put the glass back in. Woohoo! A pretty and custom menu board for your kitchen.

I used an expo marker in the example. I really prefer how chalk markers write but I didn't have a black one and the white one got lost with the patterned paper in the back. I'm keeping my eye out for a fine tip black chalk marker though.

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