How to Weld in Cricut Design Space: Ipad Version

So you are finally ready to jump in and learn Cricut Design Space. **happy dance** I know it can be overwhelming, but I am going to do my best to break it down for you easy peasy. One of the very first things you will probably want to learn is how to weld in Cricut Design Space.

Weld in Cricut design space ipad version

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 Welding means that you are taking two separate images and "welding" them into one single image. This is especially used when you want to cut out a word but need it all connected. Here is how to weld in Cricut Design Space using the app on the ipad or phone.

Add Text

In the bottom left of the app screen select the Text button.


As you begin typing it will show in a popup type box, while the word itself shows up on the Design Space mat area. Your word will come in using the default font like the picture below.

How to Weld in Cricut Design Space. iPad version

Choose a Font

Once your word is typed in, select the "font name" menu in the left corner. It will bring up a box showing the fonts available.

You can choose a Cricut font, which you will have to pay for if you do not own the font already or have the Access subscription (click here for Access information) or a system font, which are the fonts already loaded on your device (for free!).

To make it easier to find a font you like, you can browse by only Cricut fonts, only system fonts, or all at once.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version

As you can see by the picture below, the letters will be separated with a space in between them.

They are considered one single image. If you click on the word, the entire thing will be selected. You can manipulate the whole word, but not the individual letters.

To weld them together we first have to make each letter overlap the one next to it.

Weld in Cricut design space iPad version

Nudge the Letters Closer (optional)

Some people like to nudge the letters closer together using the tool that changes the letter space. Depending on the font, this may be all you need to do to get them overlapping like you want. If you use this method you may only have to make some minor adjustments later.

First make sure your image is selected, then click the 'edit' icon on the bottom of the screen. Select 'letter space' and then click the minus button until your letters are overlapping.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version

Isolate Individual Letters

If you changed the letter spacing your letters should be close to or overlapping like mine in the picture. If not, they still have a bit of space between them.

In order to move each individual letter we need to isolate the letters. First make sure the word is selected and the select the 'Actions' icon. When the next menu pops up select 'isolate letters'.

Note: As of right now, once you isolate the letters you can not change the font! Make sure you are happy with the font you have selected. One option would be to select 'actions' and the 'duplicate' to make a copy in case you want to see how a different font looks.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version

Overlap Letters to Weld

Once you have isolated the letters you need to select each letter individually make sure it overlaps the one next to it.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version

I like to zoom in so I can really see where they overlap up close.

You want them to look like #1 in the picture below. If you look at #2 below you will notice that there is a little edge of the "I" that is sticking out. When you weld it will make a bump there and won't look good. #3 isn't connected at all, but without zooming in it may look like it is.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version


When you have your letters just like you want them select all of the letters. I just drag my finger from the top left corner to the bottom right to select them all, but you could use the layers panel also.

Click the actions icon and then weld.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version

Tada! Our word is now welded and will cut out as one single cut.

Weld in Cricut Design Space IPad Version

Woohoo! Now go practice your welding...

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