How to Make Felt Succulents with Cricut

How to Make Felt Succulents with Cricut

If you have fallen in love with succulents like I have, join me to learn how to make three different felt succulents using the Cricut and my free SVG files.

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Do you love succulents as much as I do? I’m pretty fond of anything that stands strong against my plant killing tendencies. Not only that, but I love that they are so colorful and exotic looking.

I knew when I saw this adorable dinosaur planter at Target that I had to make a felt succulent arrangement, so I decided to create some free SVG files for you so you can DIY succulents too!

How to Make Felt Succulents with the Cricut

Materials Needed:

To make this Cricut project you will need:

Prepare the Design in Cricut Design Space

You will first need to download the free SVG files for the succulents. They are available in my resource library. You can get the password at the bottom of this post, or if you already get the newsletter you can find the password at the bottom of each email.

I have included a free SVG file for each succulent individually, as well as one with all three together. Once you download the SVG files you will need to upload them into Cricut Design Space.

Free succulent SVGs uploaded into Cricut Design Space to cut

Cut with Correct Mat and Cut Settings

Felt cuts easiest using the Cricut Maker, but it can be done with a Cricut Explore as well. If you are using an Explore you will need to bond the felt first with Heat N Bond before cutting. You can read up on all of the details by reading this post: Ultimate Guide: Cutting Felt with the Cricut.

I used the pink fabric cutting mat and recommend you use the same, especially if you are using the Cricut Maker and the rotary blade. The pink mat is stronger to withstand the extra pressure that the rotary blade uses to cut felt and fabric.

Make sure that you select the appropriate materials setting before cutting. If you are using acrylic fabric from the craft store, you will want to select “felt, acrylic fabric”. If you are using a wool blend, select “felt, wool fabric”.

Felt Grass Succulent with the Cricut

The felt grass succulent is the fastest and easiest to assemble. Once it is cut, add a little hot glue at one end of the base and tightly roll inward.

Continue adding hot glue as you roll it all the way to the end. Once it is finished spread the leaves out. See?! Easy peasy.

Felt Grass Succulent with Cricut

Felt Pointed Succulent with the Cricut

The pointed succulent will have five large petals, four medium petals, and three small.

Start by adding Tim Holtz Distress Ink to the middle of each petal.

Felt Pointed Succulent with Cricut Free SVG File

Next, add a line of hot glue across the middle of the petal and fold in half at an angle. As you can see in the picture, this creates the look of two petals. After you glue them all in half, add more ink to the front of each one.

Felt Pointed Succulent inking and folding

The three smallest petals will make the inner most part of the succulent. Take one and add a line of glue near the bottom edge and then fold it together from side to side.

Once the glue dries, take the next petal and add glue. Instead of folding this one, place it on the outside of the first one, like you are wrapping it around. The third petal will be glued on the same way but on the opposite side of the other one.

Rolling the inner part of the felt pointed succulent cut with the Cricut and free SVG file.

Next, take the medium size petals and continue gluing them around the succulent. Finally, glue the large petals on around the middle as well.

To finish, pull on the petals to open them up and add a little more ink.

Adding final petals to pointed felt succulent cut with the Cricut and free SVG file.

Felt Rounded Succulent with the Cricut

The rounded succulent has four pieces. Two of them have seven points each, and one is slightly smaller than the other. There is also one with five points and a circle for the bottom (which is optional).

Inking the Rounded Felt Succulent cut with Cricut and a free SVG file

First, ink each piece other than the circle. Next, take the smaller piece that has seven points and add a bit of glue to the end. Pinch the end over to start the rolling. Continue adding glue and rolling it until you have a fully rounded center.

Rolling the inner piece of a felt Rounded Succulent with Cricut and a free SVG.

Next, take the piece that has five points and glue it as you wrap it around the center you just made.

Assembling felt Rounded Succulent that was cut with a free SVG file and a Cricut

Finally, glue the larger piece with seven points as you wrap it around the succulent.

Complete it by gluing the circle to the bottom and adding more ink.

Final assembly of felt Rounded Succulent that was cut using a free SVG file and the Cricut Maker.

Arrange the Succulents in the Planter

I grabbed this planter in the Dollar Spot at Target- it was just too cute to pass up! It was originally a coral color and I spray painted it with pink glitter spray paint. Obviously, your planter won’t be the same as mine, but the assembly can be the same.

First, I stuffed the planter with tissue paper just to fill up the space so I wouldn’t need as many rocks. I put a thin coverage of pebbles on top.

I used hot glue to hold the succulents in place once I had them arranged how I like them.

Felt Succulent Planter Assembly

Overall, making felt succulents with my Cricut wasn’t terribly hard and I love the result. As long as you use good quality felt, the correct cut settings and a little patience assembling them, you can make some beautiful DIY felt succulents too!

Dinosaur planter with felt succulents cut with the Cricut and free SVG file

If you make felt succulents with your Cricut, please share a photo in our Facebook group or email me at so I can share it as well!

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    How to Make Felt Succulents with Cricut .   Make this adorable felt succulent planter with your Cricut and our three free SVG files.        #CricutMaker #CricutExplore #CricutFelt #FreeSVG #FeltSucculentDIY #FeltSucculentsTemplate #FeltSucculentPattern #FeltSucculentDIYPattern #FeltSucculentsTemplateFree #FeltSucculentsCricut
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