Announcing 4 New QuickSwap Tools for the Cricut Maker

Announcing 4 New QuickSwap Tools for the Cricut Maker

Cricut has released four new tools for the Cricut Maker QuickSwap system. Now we can deboss, engrave, perforate and make wavy edges!

New Blades for the QuickSwap System

When Cricut released the Maker, they said that they would be adding new tools. Today, they made good on their promise by adding four new additions to the QuickSwap system

The Cricut Maker comes with the fine-point blade and the rotary blade for cutting fabric. In addition, you can also purchase the knife blade for thicker materials. Beyond those, all other tips and blades currently available are part of the QuickSwap System.

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What is the QuickSwap Tool System?

The QuickSwap Tool System was designed by Cricut to allow you to quickly switch between various tips that do very specific jobs.

To use them, you need the QuickSwap housing. Each tip can be bought individually or with the housing. Once you buy your first QuickSwap product with the housing, you will only need to purchase the tips from then on.

Previously there were two options available: the single score wheel and the double score wheel. Cricut just released four more options that I am so excited to tell you about!

Cricut Maker Blades Explained: fine point blade, rotary blade, knife blade, QuickSwap Housing, Scoring Wheel, Double Scoring Wheel, Debossing tip, engraving tip, wavy blade, and perforation blade

Cricut Maker QuickSwap New Releases

Fine Debossing Tip

The Debossing Tip has a rolling ball that pushes in as it glides over your material. It creates an elegant effect on foil poster board, foil cardstock, shimmer paper, coated paper, basswood, and more.

You may be more familiar with embossing, especially if you have owned the Cuttlebug and embossing folders. Embossing applies pressure from the back creating a raised up design. Since the debossing tip applies pressure from above, the design is pushed into the material, also known as “debossing”.

This will be perfect for adding a special touch to cards or even a debossed pattern to leather earrings!

The price of the Debossing Tip with the QuickSwap Housing is $44.99. Just the Debossing Tip is $24.99.

Engraving Tip

The Engraving Tip is the one I am most excited to try. It can be used on acrylic, leather, soft metal, plastic and more. Engraving is such a neat way to personalize things!

The price of the Engraving Tip with the QuickSwap Housing is $44.99. Just the Engraving Tip is $24.99.

Make sure to watch the video I have included below by Lori Nunemaker. I have it set to start where she is showing a really neat project she made with the engraving tool!

Perforation Blade

The Perforation Blade creates uniform, finely perforated lines making tear aways a breeze. Think raffle tickets, coupon books, or anything that needs a perfect tear.

The price of the Perforation Blade with the QuickSwap Housing is $49.99. Just the Perforation Blade is $29.99.

Wavy Blade

The Wavy Blade adds a wavy decorative edge as it cuts. It is perfect for adding a unique touch to projects.

The price of the Wavy Blade with the QuickSwap Housing is $49.99. Just the Wavy Blade is $29.99.

Cricut Maker QuickSwap FAQ

Can I use these new tools with any Cricut Machine?

These are made specifically for the Cricut Maker machine. The technology to support the tools was not available when the Cricut Explore was made. While there will continue to be upgrades to Cricut Design Space that will benefit Explore users, any new products will most likely be focused on the Cricut Maker.

Does each tip need its own housing?

No, you only need one QuickSwap housing to use with all of the tips. If you have the scoring wheel and housing all ready, you already have the housing you need.

Where can I buy the new Cricut Maker tips and blades?

The new tools are available exclusively to the Home Shopping Network on July 16. A date for them to be available on the Cricut website or at other retailers has not been announced as far as I know.

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Cricut Maker Tools: Engraver, Debosser, Perforator, and Wavy Edger: Guide to the New Tools #cricutmaker #embossing #engraving #CricutQuickSwap #CricutMakerBlades

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