How to Make A Cake Topper with Cricut

How to Make A Cake Topper with Cricut

learn how to make a cake topper with Cricut, including a free downloadable SVG file for you to use.

Learn how to make a cake topper with Cricut- including a free svg file

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I love when I am able to make easy Cricut projects that don’t take a ton of time but still make a big impression! This cake topper is simple, but it adds so much when it is the star of the cake.


To make this Cricut project you will need:

I found a package of 8 dowels in the craft section at WalMart for under a dollar.

I used glitter cardstock from Hobby Lobby, but Cricut has some as well. The kind at Joann is too thin. Stay away from anything that is flimsy or that has glitter that flakes off easily.

For the back piece, I used the gold metallic poster board . It was perfect for this project because it is colored on both sides.

In the past, I have used the glitter cardstock for the front and the back and just mirrored the design so that when the two pieces went together the glitter was on the outside. The downside of this is that the white can be seen if it isn’t lined up just right.

How to Make A Cake Topper

Step One: Prepare Design in Cricut Design Space

If you are making this same topper, the downloadable SVG file is in my resource library. You can get the password at the bottom of this post.

If you are using another design and the material you are using for the back layer is white on one side, you will want to duplicate the original image and then mirror it. This will ensure that when they are put together the glitter or color will be on the outside of both pieces.

Step Two: Cut with Correct Mat and Cut Settings


When cutting the glitter card stock, I used a regular green mat. I used a purple strong grip mat for the poster board but ended up needing to put painter’s tape around the edges to hold it down to keep it from sliding when it cut.

Which mat you use will depend on if your mats are newer or have been used a bit. Both the glitter card stock and poster board are thicker so they need a stronger grip.

I would suggest a test cut so you don’t mess up your paper if the mat isn’t sticky enough and starts to slip. You can always add painter’s tape for the extra help if you are concerned.

I cut the glitter on ‘glitter card stock’ and the poster board on ‘metallic poster board’ cut settings.

Step Three: Add Foam Squares

Once both pieces are cut, add the double sided foam squares to the back of the front glitter piece. I used the smallest size I could find, but still ended up cutting some of them in half to go on thinner places. You do not want to have any of the squares peeking out!

When applying the foam dots, make sure to leave a space to hot glue the wooden dowel. It needs to be high enough to provide stability for the cutout, but it also needs to be in a place that is the least distracting. If I made this exact one again I would probably put it on the ‘Y’ so that less of it would be seen.

Step Four: Hot Glue Wooden Dowel

Next, add a line of hot glue to the front piece of the topper and adhere the dowel. Once it is adhered, make sure to take all of the paper backing off of the foam squares. Then, add hot glue to the back piece where it will line up with the wooden dowel.

Step 5: Assemble Cake Topper and Adjust Height

CAREFULLY sandwich the two pieces together doing your best to line them up as exactly as you can.

The last step is to cut the dowel down to the size you want it to be. I held it up to the side of the cake to get an idea of what it would look like once it was on the cake. I used my precision knife to trim it until it was a height that looked good to me.

Oh Boy Cake Topper with Cricut- fee SVG downlaod

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Step by step tutorial on how to make a cake topper with Cricut. Free downloadable SVG file included!
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