Vinyl 101: The Best Places to Buy Vinyl (and Where I Avoid!)

Welcome back to our Vinyl 101 series. In part one I talked about what adhesive vinyl is and we looked at all of the different kinds available. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite places to buy adhesive vinyl.

Vinyl 101: The best places to buy adhesive vinyl and where not to! Cricut vinyl, oracal vinyl, siser EasyPSV

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Where to Not Buy Adhesive Vinyl

Before I tell you my favorite places, let me first tell you where I do not buy vinyl (or at least I try hard not to!) If I can, I avoid buying vinyl from local craft stores. I love Hobby Lobby, Joanns and Michaels, but buying adhesive vinyl from them is always a last resort for me. If I am in a pinch and need some vinyl right away I will buy it, but I always kick myself for not planning ahead better. 

Adhesive vinyl from the craft store costs so much more than buying it online! Even at their sale price, I can get it for a fraction of the price by ordering it online.

The Best Places to Buy Adhesive Vinyl


If you prefer Cricut brand vinyl the Cricut site is usually the best place to buy it. While I don’t use Cricut vinyl exclusively, I do keep an eye out for sales and will stock up when the price is right.

Cricut provides discounts for their customers often, and if you are a Cricut Access member you get an additional discount on every purchase as well. (If you are not a Cricut Access member you can read about the program here.

Happy Crafters

Happy Crafters has adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl and blanks for vinyl including apparel. They also offer a reward program for their customers. You can sign up for their newsletter to get 10% off and then they will send you coupons regularly.

I really, really like the Happy Crafters company. You know how they say that you want to buy more from companies you can connect with? That is me with Happy Crafters. Sarah, the owner, does Facebook lives a lot and she is just so funny and relatable.

Expressions Vinyl

Expressions Vinyl is a popular online store for vinyl as well. They carry adhesive vinyl, HTV, digital cut files and tools and accessories. They are a great place to purchase the Siser EasyPSV, and they have their own brand of vinyl also.

They have a reward program called the “EV Inner Circle” where you earn points based on the amount of your purchase. They are also very active on social media and post informational and ‘how-to’ videos a lot. They are a great resource if you want to continue learning more about working with vinyl.


651 Vinyl is owned by Troy Young. Troy has a YouTube channel called TROYTUBE and has been a trusted voice in the crafting community for years. I haven’t purchased from him myself, but I know many people have wonderful things to say about Troy and his store. He is a wealth of knowledge not just about vinyl but about Design Space as well.


It seems that every online store also sells on Amazon these days. If you are an Amazon Prime member, the free two day shipping alone could be worth buying it through Amazon rather than the online store directly. (Not an Amazon Prime member? You are missing out! Check it out here.)

Just make sure you buy a name brand vinyl like Cricut, Oracal or Siser or from a store name you are familiar with. Amazon is not the place to try a random generic brand….way too many chances of buying from some fly by night person. Stick with the well known companies and you may end up with a great deal and free shipping on top of it!

There are so many more!

I have only named a few, well known places to get vinyl. There are many, many more. I have seen some vinyl shops come and go quickly, and people have definitely been burned. I feel confident that if you order from one of the places listed here you should have a good experience. 

vinyl 101: best places to buy adhesive vinyl, cricut vinyl, oracal vinyl, siser easyPSV

Do you have a favorite place to get vinyl that I haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments! Next up in our Vinyl 101 Series is Tools and Accessories for Working with Adhesive Vinyl.

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