How to Install Fonts for Cricut Design Space on the iPad

How to Install Fonts for Cricut Design Space on the iPad

I’m a comfy, yoga pants and t-shirt kind of gal. That laid back vibe pretty much carries through to all areas of my life. That is why most times when I am working in Cricut Design Space, I am leaned back in my recliner on the couch instead of sitting in a stiff chair at my desk.

What? You too?! I knew I liked you. 😉

I bet if you use Cricut Design Space away from your desktop, you have wondered how in the world to get some new fonts onto your iPad or iPhone. Well, wonder no more my friends. Today, I am going to show you step-by-step how to download and install fonts to your iPad (and iPhone) to use in Cricut Design Space.

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How to Add Fonts to an iPad or iPhone to Use in Cricut Design Space

Download the AnyFont and File Explorer Apps

To install fonts on your iPad or iPhone, you first need to install a couple apps from the App Store. The main one is called AnyFont. It is $1.99 in the App Store. (You can also use iFont or Fonteer, but I have not personally used them).

You will also need an app that will unzip or unarchive files. The one I use, and that is in this example, is called FE File Explorer. The free version is all you need.

After you have the AnyFont and File Explorer apps downloaded, it is time to find a font to download.

There are a lot of places to find fonts that work well with your Cricut. Today I am going to walk you through downloading a font called Monogram Font that is free on The Hungry Jpeg.

Download the Font to Install on the iPad

Once you have located the font you want to install, click the download button. A very small banner will come up from the bottom that says the name of the font. In this example, the file name is

To the right of the name is another download button. Click it and the font will download bar will change. Instead of saying download, it will now say “open in…

Click on the “open in” prompt. It brings up a pop-up where you can select what app you want this file to be opened in. Scroll through until you find the orange logo for the File Explorer app. Click on that logo.

How to Open a ZIP file on the Ipad so you can install fonts to the Ipad for Cricut Design Space.

Save Font Files to iPad

After you select the File Explorer button, a new page will open. It will ask you where you want to save the files. In order for the app to be able to unzip the folder that the font is in, you must select “local”.

Continue selecting the location you want the files saved to. As long as you first selected “local”, the place you choose after that is just personal preference. I select local, then download, and then save it within the download folder.

Unzip the Font Files

Once you have selected where you want the files saved, you will see an icon appear that looks like a filing cabinet in a vice grip. That is the zipped (compressed) version of the font.

Click on the zipped file. A pop-up will appear giving you choices for unarchiving. Select the one that simply says “unarchive”.

Install the Font

Once the files have been unzipped, a new folder will appear next to the zipped ones.

Click the folder to open it. Within it will be the actual font files as well as any additional information the creator has included.

Click on the font file. (It will end in either .otf or .ttf.) An error pop-up will appear saying the file is not supported and asking what you want to do. Select “Open In…”

On mine, another screen opened where I needed to select an “open in” icon. Once the window pops up that allows you to select where you want to open the font, scroll and find the AnyFont app and click on it.

When the AnyFont app opens, the name of the font will be listed. Click on it.

A screen will pop up that says “tap icon to install”. Tap the icon, and then it will ask you if you want to allow a configuration profile to be downloaded. Select allow.

Once it says that it has been downloaded, select “done” and then you can close the app.

Install Configuration Profile

To install the configuration profile, go to the settings on your device. Go to “general”, which has a grey square with a white gear inside as the icon, and select it.

In the list to the right, there is a selection that says “Profiles”. Select that and it will open showing all the profiles already installed. At the top should be the name of the font you downloaded waiting to be installed.

Click the arrow to the right of the font name. It will bring up a screen where you can select install.

Depending on your security settings, you may need to enter your passcode.

The screen will then say, “This configuration profile installs the font” and then the name. Select next in the top right corner.

When the screen changes, it will say that the profile is not signed. Go ahead and click install again.

The next prompt will say “Install Profile” and give you the option to cancel or install. Select install and then “done”.

You can close out of the settings. The font is now installed on the device and can be used in Cricut Design Space. Woohoo!

How to Use A Downloaded Font in Cricut Design Space

Once the font is installed, it is easy to use the font in Cricut Design Space.

Once Design Space is open, click the text button. When the ‘Insert Font’ screen pops up, choose ‘System’.

I always type in the first few letters of the font if I know the name. Select the font on the list and the text box will open up so you can start typing.

How to use system fonts in Cricut Design Space | How to add fonts to the Ipad for Cricut Design Space

And there you have it

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