What is Cricut Access and Do I Really Need It?

One of the most common questions I get asked is about Cricut Access. It can be a bit confusing, so today I am going to go over all of the options for Cricut Access and help you decide if you even need it at all.

Many years ago all of the Cricut Machines used cartridges. You had to buy a new one (usually about $30-$50) for each image set you wanted. One of the common frustrations was spending all that money when you may have only really wanted a handful of the images.

Fast forward to today. All of the Cricut Machines now use Design Space instead of cartridges. Besides being able to manipulate the images, one of the best features is that you can purchase images one at a time as you need them.

How to Layer Vinyl Using Registration Marks (So the Layers Line Up Just Right!)

Have you ever been intimidated by a design that you want to cut in vinyl but it has a lot of layers? It's a little nerve wracking trying to put all the pieces together and layer vinyl. And let's face it, the chances of having it line up on every layer just right are pretty slim. 

I found this **adorable** SVG on Etsy and I really wanted to put it on a glitter tumbler for my niece. It has eight, count them, eight colors! I simplified it down to a few less and got to work figuring out the best way to layer them. Today I'm going to show you step-by-step how to layer vinyl using registration marks.

Fourth of July USA Banner with Doodlebug and Cricut

One of the best parts of summer around our house is the Forth of July. Since building our own home, every year we have a big July 4th bash. Of course, that is the perfect excuse to keep adding Forth of July decor made with my Cricut!

If you are looking to add to your patriotic home decor, this easy USA banner is a great project for your mantle or food table. 

Vinyl 101: The Best Tools and Accessories for Working with Adhesive Vinyl

Today in part three of our Vinyl 101 Series we are talking all about the tools and accessories you need when working with adhesive vinyl

There’s a lot to be said for having the right tool for the job. It makes all the difference in the world! Before you start a project using adhesive vinyl, there are some tools and accessories that you will want to have on hand to make the process easier and to keep you from tears.

Vinyl 101: Getting Started with Adhesive Vinyl

Welcome to our Getting Started with Vinyl series! If you are like most new Cricut users, one of the first things you want to do is to learn how to use adhesive vinyl. 

Today is an introduction to getting started using adhesive vinyl with your Cricut. The rest of the series will walk you through everything you need to know to feel confident using adhesive vinyl. Once you get the basics down there will be no surface left in your home that you won't want to label or decorate, trust me!

How to Use the Custom Material Settings in Cricut Design Space 3

Did you know that your Cricut Explore can cut an insane variety of materials? The custom material settings in Design Space is something that you will need to be familiar with if you want to cut things that are different from the basic paper, cardstock, vinyl, etc. In this tutorial I will show you how to use the custom material settings when cutting with your Cricut Explore, as well as how to adjust the setting for different materials.

Thankful & Blessed Charger Plate with Cricut Explore

I was recently invited to a Pinterest Party. It's where everyone brings an item for each person to make and you go home with all kinds of different projects. I didn't want to just copy a Pinterest idea, so I whipped out my Cricut Explore and came up with my own- a Thankful & Blessed charger plate. I love using my Cricut for home decor and especially to be reminded of how blessed we are.

How to Paint an Ozark or Yeti Tumbler

Have you jumped on the Ozark/ Yeti bandwagon yet? I purchased the 30 oz Ozark and have been  surprised that I have been drinking more water everyday. Once I knew I was actually going to keep using it I decided to customize it with a scripture to meditate on. I had a lot of interest on social media for a how-to, so I have put together a tutorial and video for you today. (Looking for just the video? Scroll to the bottom.)

How to Add Fonts to Your IPad to Use in Design Space

I love to use my Design Space app to work on projects while "watching" tv with my husband in the evenings. One of the drawbacks is that the iPad (or IPhone) has very few system fonts that are good for die cutting. They are just your everyday plain Jane fonts. So...if you want to design with the font favorites like Samantha or Magnolia Sky, you have to find a way to add fonts to your iPad. Lucky for us, there's an app for that!

How to Make a Photo Frame Menu Board with Cricut Explore

Okay, so I'll admit that I'm not the most organized person now that I have been working full time again. I used to handle dinner all the time. Now I really need my husband's help, especially the two nights a week I'm not home for dinner at all. Our weekly routine usually goes like this: I plan the meals for the week and write them on the top of my grocery list. I go grocery shopping and then throw my list away. During the week my husband calls and asks what is for dinner. I have no idea because I can't remember. Every. Single. Week.